Probable Cause For Erratic Behavior—Mother!

Woman!  The adjectives commonly used by you in your posts strengthen the apprehension expressed by your own father that “genetic” mental condition in your family has an important role behind your aggressive and erratic behavior. It certainly chimes well with your sister’s and mother’s behavior as described by you, witnessed by many first hand, and detailed in her divorce petition out of medical records.  After repeated pleadings to your attorney father and to you to agree to see a doctor for an early assessment didn’t go well with you all. Rather your attorney father and other family members expectedly preferred to destroy your married life than saving it. Do you remember how your husband had pleaded for you to come with him and see a doctor to rule out any medical issues – when you would behave erratically and aggressively on daily basis? He even took an appointment for you after your consent but then your attorney father and sister composed an email for you to send to your husband for escaping the checkup. Do you remember that email from March 2016 which your husband is compelled to share now to save his rights?

Posting your kid’s pictures, on social media, choosing selectively for playing with emotions of kind hearted genuine persons, as an exploiter, certainly corresponds to your and your family’s plans to extract money by hook or crook but have you ever thought that it can endanger security of the child? Do you remember your attorney father bragging about how he (your father) was raised by his grandparents and that how he turned out so fine – when you and he were convincing your in-laws to keep the child in India in Nov 2015?  What was the motive behind that persuasion?

Now you are twisting the reality by naming it abduction and that too by using absolutely unacceptable derogatory language.  Why you entrusted the child to the care and upbringing with paternal grandparents when you gave power of attorney to your own father only a fortnight before for filing matrimonial action(s)? No sane person can call it abduction under law or even morally.  Will you put it on social media, where you are defaming the Indian Legal System by calling it flawed, that why there was trust deficit on your intent and conduct before all the authorities looking into your claims? Nothing can be said beyond this as the matter is subjudice whereas you are repeatedly committing contempt of court for which law will take its own course and here we restrict ourselves on the question of morality only. You very well know evidence exists for all this.

What should be the appropriate word other than shameless when one finds these trivial acts to forsake all the relationships, morality, respect, and above all your country to make materialistic gains – be it money, ego massaging, or to teach others a lesson. This is the country (India) which made you what you are today. This is the same country in which your attorney father has been practicing law for decades. It is ironic to see him misusing his own noble profession. As an attorney, his services should have been compassionate, moral and LAWFUL. But your posts reveal that none of you believe in the law of the land and talk contemptuously about the legal system. What can be lower than this!

Woman, tell everyone on social media that out of your lust for money and greed you have even pocketed for your personal use the meager gift cards and cash gifts given to your son on his birthday. Tell the world that you took back the toys you had brought in your meetings with him without leaving those with him. You must have returned these to sellers and got the money back. You always talk for your rights but conveniently run away if someone questions on your obligations. What kind of love you are depicting for your son?   For God sake, do not play with emotions of genuine mothers and grandmothers. You have attempted repeatedly to pick meanings of these words in writings of scholars but completely failing to adopt any of these in your personal life for any relationship may that is of a mother, a wife or a daughter in law.

Probably that day is not far off when you will be turning tables on your own family and friends also unless your medical issues are addressed by a reliable institute, the cause of which is clearly genetic. Please also share such a report on social media to prove your credibility and spare your husband from further abuses and threats as this poor guy has already suffered and is suffering a lot in your hands. Kind hearted donors are appealed for not to donate to such people as her who claim to come from a very high status family and have abundant financial resources at their disposal – of course most of these are extorted by scavenging on other’s hard earned money by deceitful and dishonest means.

Husband’s family is the third family (as is in public domain) whom this status family is fighting against vindictively, mercilessly, immorally and above all illegally. How come all these independent and educated families are wrong and these people are righteous? There must be something more to it! Think about it! For the sake of child!


Who is “crook”?

By going on social media rampage, what will you prove? By posting pictures of the innocent child for dramatic effects and writing that your child is lost, you exhibit the corruptness you have inside and scant respect for the process of law. Parents are supposed to be the protectors but what are you doing, mother? Do you know what is the word used for someone who utilize others for profits?

An exploiter!

Think about what you are doing…. using your child!

It was and still is ALL ABOUT YOU. Your life, your career, your pleasures, your family…….you have the tendency and ability to uproot whoever comes in YOUR way be it your husband or child.

Clearly, you are fascinated and thrilled about abusing others either by using mother/sister swear words or by using  the word “crooks”, which   you often use in your write ups. Will you look into deeds of your family especially your attorney father in relation to his sons in law (past and present) and grandson?  You will understand perfect meaning of this word!

You yourself will tell the world about it once you gain some sanity.

It is evident that you or your family doesn’t even know the difference between respect and disrespect. They perhaps will even encourage you and your sister to go for one more divorce if you both happen to re-marry by finding another victim. It is beyond one’s imagination that after initiating multi fold litigation internationally, a normal person can just go berserk and beyond the social norms. This shows there’s something seriously wrong with you. Do you know, you and your family are the gifted ones? No sane and normal person has that much vengeance, ill-intent, capacity, and above all ease to come to such a level where you guys have come. Bravo!

Your hatred for your motherland further fortifies the fact that your ultimate goal out of this marriage was to settle in the US with a luxurious life. It goes very well with the email received by your husband about you in 2005, during your courtship, from someone (you know who he/she was) warning him not to proceed in relationship with you knowing your real intent. But see the commitment of the poor chap, your husband, who continued  only to fell in your trap without realizing the real you. Perhaps it is time to share that as well.


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About this Blog!

Hannah Arendt, a political philosopher, once commented “Lies are often much more plausible, more appealing to reason, than reality, since the liar has the great advantage of knowing beforehand what the audience wishes or expects to hear”.

Nothing can be more apt than this statement in this father’s present situation which not only entangled him and his family in spins of biased social pressure but has also socially ruined the lives involved. We are talking about a matrimonial dispute which was intentionally made talk of the town with a malicious, mischievous, and vindictive purposeful publicity focusing on the lives of individuals who once adored this mother.


This mother has been successful in garnering the sympathy she desired from our judgmental and emotional society, which is presumably “patriarch” (according to many), by portraying and playing the victim. For our society, the need is to strike the balance but not to swing it from one extreme to the other which can be termed as “matriarch”. Unfortunately, that precisely is what happened in this present case. Right and wrong are everywhere but why our society get hypercritical on an issue especially when it involves human relationships which perhaps are the most difficult to comprehend and to be put in white or black.

Do you think men are always wrong? The answer is NO!

This is a classic case where targeted audience has been fed with a story which they wish to hear from a woman who claims to be a typical Indian woman, harassed, tortured, and suppressed by this patriarch oriented and a cruel society. The question now is how many of you have bothered to inquire into the circumstantial evidences, or looking into facts, or at least questioning the mother to bring out the facts before hitting hard at this father and his family?

Have you ever felt that why this mother hasn’t got any interval help in spite of going hard and fast against her in laws, with so much prosecution, grumblings, social weight, and contacting each conceivable forum possible to her (including police, courts, ministers, NGOs and many more)? Do all of you truly feel that our legal framework, police, and different forums are so injured or unequipped for passing on the relief to her? Really, the answer is NO. On the contrary,  different men’s rights groups feel that the arrangements of law in our nation are hostile to men which really are supported by the insights available on the misuse of the procedure of law against men. If you don’t mind take a look at the conviction rate of men in such complaints. The number of such complaints is huge whereas the actual conviction number is really-really small (~4%). But thankfully as all of us, our systems and agencies are also becoming increasingly aware of the realities and now impartially look into the issues in an attempt to unfold the truth and facts.

Numerous men have committed suicides due to the provocation they were subjected to by their wives or/and in laws. The general public doesn’t have to move from one extreme to the next, it should be in harmony. The misuse of the procedure of law should be halted so that the justice is not delayed or denied particularly to each one of those ladies who really require these laws for their insurance and not to concentrate cash or to settle scores or personalities.

We have created multiple pages on this blog site (table of content on the right side) to bring out the truth and facts about this case for you all to consider.

If you feel connected to this father’s and his family’s dismal and miserable condition or otherwise also, please consider sharing this blog to spread his voice of justice. May God be with one and all!