Who is “crook”?

By going on social media rampage, what will you prove? By posting pictures of the innocent child for dramatic effects and writing that your child is lost, you exhibit the corruptness you have inside and scant respect for the process of law. Parents are supposed to be the protectors but what are you doing, mother? Do you know what is the word used for someone who utilize others for profits?

An exploiter!

Think about what you are doing…. using your child!

It was and still is ALL ABOUT YOU. Your life, your career, your pleasures, your family…….you have the tendency and ability to uproot whoever comes in YOUR way be it your husband or child.

Clearly, you are fascinated and thrilled about abusing others either by using mother/sister swear words or by using  the word “crooks”, which   you often use in your write ups. Will you look into deeds of your family especially your attorney father in relation to his sons in law (past and present) and grandson?  You will understand perfect meaning of this word!

You yourself will tell the world about it once you gain some sanity.

It is evident that you or your family doesn’t even know the difference between respect and disrespect. They perhaps will even encourage you and your sister to go for one more divorce if you both happen to re-marry by finding another victim. It is beyond one’s imagination that after initiating multi fold litigation internationally, a normal person can just go berserk and beyond the social norms. This shows there’s something seriously wrong with you. Do you know, you and your family are the gifted ones? No sane and normal person has that much vengeance, ill-intent, capacity, and above all ease to come to such a level where you guys have come. Bravo!

Your hatred for your motherland further fortifies the fact that your ultimate goal out of this marriage was to settle in the US with a luxurious life. It goes very well with the email received by your husband about you in 2005, during your courtship, from someone (you know who he/she was) warning him not to proceed in relationship with you knowing your real intent. But see the commitment of the poor chap, your husband, who continued  only to fell in your trap without realizing the real you. Perhaps it is time to share that as well.