Endangering Involved Lives

By posting repeatedly on Facebook that the child is in captivity and what not, isn’t this mother actually endangering and compromising security? Why this mother is more inspired by upholding her lawful rights than really thinking about her own kid at any point of this mess she has created? Why this mother was not troubled when her child cried hopelessly amid her insensitive treatment of him through visitations? Why this mother is asking for exorbitant sum of money as immediate damages at the point when the main thing she claims to be occupied with is her child? Why this mother needs share in her in law’s assets which can’t be granted to her according to any law of this world? Why this mother has changed her own particular declarations under sworn oaths when caught in the act about her falsehoods?

These are a portion of the inquiries which all of you have to ask yourself as a father, mother, brother, sister, child, spouse, little girl and so on. It is not an issue of a wedding conflict any longer; it is an issue of human connections which can’t be summed up. Can any of us take responsibility if something happens to this father or his family due to the trauma some of the uninformed and unreasonable individuals have put them through? Do you really have right for moral policing when your acts can severely harm others and you probably don’t even know the other side? Why can’t woman who files false complaints and put her in laws family through harassment be tried and prosecuted for the same? Why can’t people who instead of acting maturely issued threats, be tried and prosecuted for cybercrimes?

Maybe this all is possible and in particular is required to put deterrent to every one of the individuals who make joke of the legal systems and the police. Numerous men have committed suicides due to the provocation they were subjected to by their wives or/and in laws. The general public doesn’t have to move from one extreme to the next, it should be in harmony. The misuse of the procedure of law should be halted so that the justice is not delayed or denied particularly to each one of those ladies who really require these laws for their insurance and not to concentrate cash or to settle scores or personalities.

We will continue our attempt and bring out facts of this matrimonial discord which was unfortunately made scandalous to make personal gains, settle scores and importantly to cause physical and mental harm to the husband and his family. Please stay tuned and keep checking this blog.

But as Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth”, truth shall also prevail in this case. May god be with one and all.