Father’s Contributions to Mother’s Life

The mother also claimed that all her earnings were taken by the father whereas the documents suggest something very different. The mother came to US as a dependent on the father in 2008 whereas father went through the struggle as any ordinary student to settle himself with a comfortable life all these years. The father backed and empowered her right from day 1 and supported her wholeheartedly to get her masters, a job and sponsored her green card in the US. To say the least, the father took care of her to the point that she was dropped and picked to/from the school every single day for about two years by this same husband.

While the mother got her first job in late 2011, not surprisingly the father has earned more than what mother has earned during this marriage. She claims that she has been bearing all the household expenses but this is absolutely untrue! 95% of the household expenses were being borne by the father until a handful of days ago. Documents don’t lie! Mother has conveniently concealed the fact that if the man has taken all her earnings, how come she still has thousands of dollars stacked in her accounts, a  SUV under her name which was actually paid off by the man and many other savings with her?

As Thomas Paine has said “That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly”, this mother, ungrateful of the blessings received due to the hard work and struggle of her husband prefers to live in a denial. Leave apart any appreciation, she refuse to even acknowledge that by supporting her wholeheartedly  to acquire stable, well-paying job and most importantly Green Card of the US, her husband actually provided her with all the means to make her future stable and secure even if something was to happen to him.

It is baffling to understand how much she did actually earn since late 2011? She claims to have given crores to her husband and in laws apart from paying for all the utilities of the houses both in India and US but interestingly she still has very decent savings along with other assets under her name.

An independent accountant can figure this out and can tell who owes whom and how much, after all it is not a rocket science. As a challenge to this mother (already conveyed many times), why not do that? Why is she running away?

Mother has levelled preposterous allegations against the husband about domestic violence throughout her married life and didn’t even spare these accusations during the pregnancy period when both husband and this mother actually enjoyed each and every moment to welcome the newborn. The maternity photo shoot of the parents, multiple celebrations of their baby showers and other available facts depict something very contrasting to the allegations levelled by this mother. The fact is that the father took an extra ordinary care of this mother throughout the married life and especially during pregnancy so much so he didn’t even let her drive a single day during this period to avoid any discomfort to her. The father not only accompanied her to doctors each time but actually was exceptionally involved in her pre and post natal care. The accusations levelled by this mother are not only disgraceful but seriously undermined the genuine feelings of an expectant father and a caring husband.

Most of all please question yourself, if this mother really has a temperament to accept domestic abuse even for a day leave apart the span of 8 long years? If she can go hard and fast against her husband now, why didn’t she walk out of this marriage or filed a complaint with any authority in the US or India? Please take a look at her postings at other websites abusing, threatening, and ridiculing her husband and other family members. On the contrary, you will empathize with the plight of this husband/father who must have endured hostility, constant ridiculing, abuse and hysterical behavior of this mother throughout these 8 years.