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Hannah Arendt, a political philosopher, once commented “Lies are often much more plausible, more appealing to reason, than reality, since the liar has the great advantage of knowing beforehand what the audience wishes or expects to hear”.

Nothing can be more apt than this statement in this father’s present situation which not only entangled him and his family in spins of biased social pressure but has also socially ruined the lives involved. We are talking about a matrimonial dispute which was intentionally made talk of the town with a malicious, mischievous, and vindictive purposeful publicity focusing on the lives of individuals who once adored this mother.


This mother has been successful in garnering the sympathy she desired from our judgmental and emotional society, which is presumably “patriarch” (according to many), by portraying and playing the victim. For our society, the need is to strike the balance but not to swing it from one extreme to the other which can be termed as “matriarch”. Unfortunately, that precisely is what happened in this present case. Right and wrong are everywhere but why our society get hypercritical on an issue especially when it involves human relationships which perhaps are the most difficult to comprehend and to be put in white or black.

Do you think men are always wrong? The answer is NO!

This is a classic case where targeted audience has been fed with a story which they wish to hear from a woman who claims to be a typical Indian woman, harassed, tortured, and suppressed by this patriarch oriented and a cruel society. The question now is how many of you have bothered to inquire into the circumstantial evidences, or looking into facts, or at least questioning the mother to bring out the facts before hitting hard at this father and his family?

Have you ever felt that why this mother hasn’t got any interval help in spite of going hard and fast against her in laws, with so much prosecution, grumblings, social weight, and contacting each conceivable forum possible to her (including police, courts, ministers, NGOs and many more)? Do all of you truly feel that our legal framework, police, and different forums are so injured or unequipped for passing on the relief to her? Really, the answer is NO. On the contrary,  different men’s rights groups feel that the arrangements of law in our nation are hostile to men which really are supported by the insights available on the misuse of the procedure of law against men. If you don’t mind take a look at the conviction rate of men in such complaints. The number of such complaints is huge whereas the actual conviction number is really-really small (~4%). But thankfully as all of us, our systems and agencies are also becoming increasingly aware of the realities and now impartially look into the issues in an attempt to unfold the truth and facts.

Numerous men have committed suicides due to the provocation they were subjected to by their wives or/and in laws. The general public doesn’t have to move from one extreme to the next, it should be in harmony. The misuse of the procedure of law should be halted so that the justice is not delayed or denied particularly to each one of those ladies who really require these laws for their insurance and not to concentrate cash or to settle scores or personalities.

We have created multiple pages on this blog site (table of content on the right side) to bring out the truth and facts about this case for you all to consider.

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