Law Suits Unleashed by Mother

Mother kept herself engaged in vacations, enjoyments and parties after returning to the US without even a slightest remorse for her unruly behavior back in India. Caring least about the future of her son, she kept on threatening her husband with divorce via emails, texts and verbal communications. Husband repeatedly expressed that he wants to give another chance to this matrimonial relationship for the sake of their son. Mother remained unconcerned to this vital issue which primarily was to safeguard child’s smile, innocence, health among other interests.

After a few months i.e. in April 2016 this mother came back to India alone to get her child unilaterally and in self-admittance went to the police with an “approach” to forcefully displace her child without realizing that the child, even though unable to express himself, will again go through the trauma which he did when he was left back in India by this mother. Again, many mothers will ask wasn’t she entitled to her own child? Absolutely! But at what cost? Wasn’t it appropriate to sit in a civilized manner and discuss about child’s welfare after all child’s welfare is of most importance and not legal entitlements? This mother didn’t prefer to come to the house where child was staying to sort out any differences or to put a transition plan in place for sake of this child if nothing else, but instead preferred to enforce her legal rights either through the law enforcement agencies or courts. The mother first claimed in her earlier complaints (under sworn affidavits) that she came to in laws house and was kicked out but when challenged with irrefutable proof of the CCTV footage, the mother conveniently changed her statement that she actually came to the park adjacent to the house in an attempt to cover up her lie. As they say to hide one lie, you will indulge in 100 more. This mother’s spree of lies went on and on but was challenged at each and every step with definite evidence leaving her red faced on each occasion. This all is documented even by the agencies which inquired into this matter.

Coming from the family of lawyers, she wrongfully leveraged the legal system which provides many provisions for genuine distressed women. She initiated multi fold litigation in India against her husband and in laws by pleading that she is an Indian citizen and is entitled to the relief under various provisions as per the constitution of India. This is what all she started:

  1. Habeas Corpus claiming child custody when she herself left the child after giving power of attorney to her father to go all out against her husband and in laws. Looking into various aspects including child’s welfare the honorable court opined that the child should not be displaced. However, the court provided multiple opportunities for the mother to meet the child.
  2. Then she filed maintenance under Section 125 CRPC, in which she claimed a state of destitution even when she has been earning lacs per month. She demanded almost 90% of father’s salary (on top of her salary, which is almost twice of median US household income) per month as maintenance.
  3. Then she filed a complaint against her husband, in laws and their distant relatives under Protection of Woman from Domestic Violence Act. In this complaint, this mother asked for a couple of crores as immediate damages and lacs per month to maintain the luxurious standard of living she has aspired for.
  4. Then complaint to Police under sections 498A, 406 for cruelty against her husband, in laws and their distant relatives.
  5. Then shockingly a suit of declaration claiming stake in the property owned by the parents in law which was purchased by them several years before her marriage. The pleading given was that father gave an oral understanding to this mother that the house will be transferred in her name in lieu of crores of rupees received from her to construct the house. No banking transactions were showed or ever exist for this money transfer.
  6. Another complaint was filed against a department under Ministry of Home Affairs for issuing an immigration status of her son – for which this mother herself signed an authority letter before leaving the child in India before Executive Magistrate of the District.
  7. In addition to these, mother filed multiple police complaints on one pretext or the other.
  8. Filed complaint with the US Department of State against the father.
  9. Filed complaint under sections 498A in the court.

The multiple police inquiries (at the request of this mother) were conducted by high rank police officials who found nothing incriminating against the father or his family but on the contrary questioned the intent of this mother behind filing false and frivolous complaints.

Imagine the harassment, torture, and embarrassment, the father and his family have been going through? If this legal terrorism was not enough, this mother opted to wash her dirty linens in public and started the social media campaign to garner sympathy. Continuous assault, embarrassment, threats, vulgar messages targeted towards the old grandparents, father and other family members certainly showed the way our society wants to strike a social equilibrium especially when it comes to the gender. Fortunately, there are still a few who showed restraint and were praying for the well-being of all involved without being judgmental but there are many who felt empowered and powerful and took as their legitimate right that, disgrace, abuse, threat each and every member of father’s family. Without ascertaining the facts and realities, based on the selective reading, some custodians of the so called gender equality supported this mother who willfully abandoned her own child as per her hatched conspiracy to implicate her in laws and husband.