Sensitization by Fictions and Lies of Mother!

Reading numerous wild, presumptuous, derogatory, demeaning posts of this mother for her husband and his family certainly put shame to many out there. You don’t have to be a husband who loved his wife dearly, or a family who adored this woman to feel the pain and anguish which these unsubstantiated allegations cause.

There’s a court’s order on the custody of the child but still this mother presents her dramatized fiction with scant respect for any law of the land. How low can anyone stoop?

Is it for real that you are asking if your child is alive?   How can a mother write so about her child when she knows he is fine there? Aim is to emotionally charge others.


We want to ask the readers if you are in this mother’s place with such an apprehension and anxiety as alleged by her, would you be able to dress wearing Alfani’s dress, Chanel’s Perfume, and nice high heel pumps and enjoy the masquerade party with a mask on your face?? For god sake, at least ask this question once as a parent. Would you be able to??

In most likelihood, the answer will be HELL NO!

But this mother  last week enjoyed a masquerade party and posed for photographs with a mask on her face, smiling, happily posing as if she is on cloud seven. We just can’t seem to understand why there’s no consonance in her words and actions!

Apparently words are for some ulterior objectives.


Alleging that father wants money proves your moral bankruptcy, mother. Please show everyone an iota of evidence to substantiate this claim.

On the contrary, check court records in Ludhiana and Chandigarh to see that this mother has asked for 2 crores as immediate damages and 4,00,000 per month as maintenance. The bouquet of law suits including 498A, DV Act, 125 CRPC and many more is a standard practice for this family to present to their son-in-laws as they also did in her elder sister’s case. The difference was that in that case they asked for about 1 crore and little less monthly maintenance. Perhaps child’s presence caused them to enhance the figure this time. Mother, it was your family who took 70 lacs in lieu of granting divorce to your ex-brother-in-law.

Anyone can have a child and call themselves a parent. A real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants”. You were not even able to leave butter for your child for a few days for his medical necessity, leave apart other any substantial sacrifices!


It wasn’t your husband or his family who initiated law suits in India, it was YOU. As you didn’t achieve what you unfairly wanted, you fled after months of litigation in India and chose the other option to try out again on lies and distortions. But remember truth prevails.

You talked about well-being of your child while enjoying parties unabated and calling out your husband and his old parents crooks and what not.

Whoever said Words Don’t Hurt is a liar. Words can RIP your heart apart, make you cry and end relationships….