Torturous Stance of Mother -Reality behind being thrown out of the car!

The incident alleged by this mother is for November 13, 2015.  At the outset her allegations that she expressed her desire to visit her parents in Ludhiana while coming back from Amritsar on Nov 13 is absolutely false as she already had a plan to be dropped at Ludhiana to visit her parents for going to Delhi to attend marriage of her cousin on Nov 15, 2015.

Mother has been alleging the she along with her stuff were thrown out of the car at Jalandhar Bypass, Ludhiana, and the child was snatched from her at 9:30 pm by her husband.

This allegation was made not in one but in multiple complaints in India including that of complaint to the police under Section 498 IPC and under Domestic Violence Act, on an affidavit, before the court.   In fact, Mother while travelling together with her husband, her brother in law and his wife, from the place where they had lunch to her home town on that day had  transpired in the text message at 5:35 pm (to her husband) that her father is going to pick her up from Bypass, the place where she was dropped around 6:00 pm and her father, mother and elder sister were already present to pick her up.

Mother’s falsehood in context to this averment can further be corroborated from the fact that she sent more messages to her husband from her parental home between 8 and 10 pm asking about their child and about “shagun” (cash gift) given by her bhua ji (paternal aunt) to the child a few days ago.

Please see her allegation that she was thrown out of car and child was snatched at bye pass at 9.30 PM!  Does anyone find any inference of throwing or snatching from these messages?

It is all a Big Lie!

It will be further shocking for everyone to know that the power of attorney which this mother gave to her father for the legal battle forced on her husband and in laws was actually executed on the same day i.e. Nov 13, 2015, in her home town.

Now, the question arises that after being thrown out of car at 9.30 pm, when her child was snatched as alleged by her, did she straightway go to execute the power of attorney in the office of a Notary Public?

Can anyone ask her father, advocate by profession, the mystery behind the execution of Power of attorney after 9.30 pm in the office of a Notary Public?

She didn’t even report this incident to police!  Surprising! isn’t it? Especially for a woman who perhaps knows her legal entitlements more than any typical educated and working woman of this country.

Or perhaps she didn’t do it as she is a simple woman who does not believe in all this as she is dedicated wife and a daughter in law! Unbelievable!

If you all have seen her conduct from the following day when this Mother along with her family happily traveled to Delhi on Nov 14, 2015 to attend her cousin’s marriage, you all would have been astonished.  We have wedding pictures as posted by Mother’s family on the Facebook showing the ecstatic state of the mother along with her family members in those wedding celebrations.

These pictures are in sharp contrast to the emotions of a mother (and her family) whose child is alleged to be snatched and she was left on the road – as stated by her in many complaints and on social media. 

Will she post these pics on the social media or will we have to do this as she wants to put every one’s personal life out in public domain?  A challenge repeatedly posted by her to this family!

This mother enjoyed the wedding without her child who was left by her with her husband and in laws while she was having a gaga time! Made this story to cause harassment to husband?  She is totally exposed before all forums!

This is one more reality of this mother and not the one what she has portrayed on social media!